Tuesday Tidbits 1/28/14

photo 2 700x700 Tuesday Tidbits 1/28/14

  • I feel like all I do is complain about the weather, but, come on! This was the temperature at noon today. It was -15 at 7am. It’s supposed to “warm up” to close to 30 degrees on Thursday, but then it’s supposed to snow on Friday. If it’s not stupid cold, then it’s snowing, we can’t get a break!
  • On the positive side, I’m heading to Vegas for a work conference on Monday! Ready for some sunshine and above zero temps! It’s going to be a couple of exhausting days, but sunshine!
  • We made an awesome pizza this weekend. Nothing fancy, just traditional pepperoni, mozzarella and sweet peppers, but man was it good! It was my first success with getting a crust to rise. For some reason, I just don’t have much luck with any yeasted doughs, but it worked this time!
  • And some cuteness: We dog-sat Jeff’s mom’s dog this weekend, she’s kind of a weirdo, but kinda cute. But I think she’s got a little snow on her face:

photo 3 Tuesday Tidbits 1/28/14

Friday Finds 1/24/14

Happy Weekend!

Test your vocabulary! I got 26,800, right smack in the middle range for my age, I’ll take that!

Michael Pollan article about germs and our guts. Take your probiotics, kids…

This made me laugh way too hard!

I can totally understand how this could happen.

One of my favorite bands has a new single out and a new album coming (finally!) on March 18!

Watch this and try not to smile!

Tuesday Tidbits 1/21/14

  • Last night I smashed my middle finger on my right hand in a weird, unexplainable way while putting dishes away. I was holding 2 coffee mugs and one slipped and I somehow smashed it between something, the two mugs, the mug and the cabinet, I’m not really sure! But it was bad enough that I felt like I was going to throw up for several minutes because of the pain, and it looks like might lose my fingernail!
  • What is up with this Polar Vortex crap? I’ve never heard of it before and now we’re getting ready to have the second one this month? Is it sad that it’s only 2/3rds of the way through January and I am DONE with winter? Brrr!

sushi Tuesday Tidbits 1/21/14

  • Sushi Day at work! Don’t judge my fork usage, I’m only using it to spread the wasabi on them. I’m actually eating with my fingers. You can judge me for that.
  • Related, I’m terrible with chopsticks. I can sort of feed myself, but slowly. And I’ve practiced with them multiple times. My husband picks them up for the first time ever in Palau, and boom, he’s shoving food into his face as fast as if he had a fork! Annoying.



Music Monday (or Tuesday) – Local Natives

This is a band that I’ve been listening to like crazy for months, but haven’t had the chance to see live yet! They were here in Columbus over the summer, but I was out of town the weekend of the show.

My husband downloaded a few songs from their first album, Gorilla Manor, I enjoyed them, but didn’t really take the time to really listen to them. Then I heard Breakers, and I was hooked! Their new album, Hummingbird came out earlier this year and I’m torn over which I enjoy more!

This is Breakers from their performance at KEXP in Seattle. We probably watch their full performance at least twice a month, it’s that good.