Summer (and Fall) Travel Recap

Here’s a quick catch-up (with pics!) of where I’ve been this summer and fall!

First, in July, I took a work trip to Vegas, my first time! I got to see a little bit of the city and have a little bit of fun, but mostly, I had to work 10+ hour days at a conference, for 5 days. Exhausting.

Vegas201101 Summer (and Fall) Travel Recap

Vegas201113 Summer (and Fall) Travel Recap

Vegas201118 Summer (and Fall) Travel Recap

I got home from Vegas at 4pm on Sunday, Jeff and I then flew down to Key West for my best friend’s wedding at 6:30am the next morning. I was home for less than 14 hours! That’s okay though, I got to watch my oldest friend D get married on the beach!

Wedding kw 700x466 Summer (and Fall) Travel Recap

Key West 34 Summer (and Fall) Travel Recap

Unfortunately, I didn’t get many pics at the actual wedding, because we were told that we couldn’t by the photographer, so that was kind of lame. Oh well. Got some decent underwater ones!

Key West 01 Summer (and Fall) Travel Recap

Lastly, earlier this month, we went back to Cozumel. Third time this year! We really love it down there, obviously…

2Lobsters Coz 700x466 Summer (and Fall) Travel Recap

Great diving, good weather, friendly people (just stay away from the cruise ship areas!), not to mention the affordability and ease of getting around.

Coconuts Coz 700x466 Summer (and Fall) Travel Recap Reef Coz 4 700x466 Summer (and Fall) Travel Recap

So, there you have it, a quick recap this summer’s travels. I also taught quite a bit of scuba on the weekends up in Northern Ohio.  We were busy these last couple of months!

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