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Supersized Friday Finds!

And I was doing so well… What happened there?

Since I missed the last couple of weeks, I’ve got a big Friday Finds this week! Also, I finally got my mandarin fish tattoo, so I will have some pics of that very soon, I love it!

Also, I’m really behind in, well, life right now, so I hope you had a great Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

Without further ado, let’s go!

This is pretty spectacular, an amazing a-cappella medley of Disney songs by 17 year old Heather Traska.

This article is mind-blowing, do you know what is in the honey you buy? I sure didn’t!

13 great tips about your camera that it wants you to know!

Some fantastic packing tips from Squawkfox. I’ll definitely be using some of these on our next trip.

A new blog I just discovered, love this inspiring post.

Wanna follow me on Pinterest? Some of my recent pins:

I want to make Limoncello for myself! Look how pretty it is in those bottles!

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Source: via Heather on Pinterest

I made these coconut lime bars a couple of weeks ago and they are fantastic!

And yes, Tracy of Shutterbean is my new favorite food blogger, why do you ask?

82190761919164849 DrCmEoAI c Supersized Friday Finds!

Source: via Heather on Pinterest

Is this not the cutest set of photobooth pics?

88875792615929896 vlWQ8e3S c Supersized Friday Finds!

Source: via Heather on Pinterest

Music Monday – Foster the People

I know that I’m kind of cheating by featuring Foster the People again, but, in my defense, it was all the way back in August! Also, they’re one of my favorite bands. Also, also, we saw them at the WNCI Jingle Ball last Thursday night!

They were awesome, no surprise there, but I was so excited that they did almost a full set! I knew they were the featured act, but still figured that they would only perform 4 or 5 songs, but they did like 7 or 8!

Definitely worth putting up with the huge crowd.

The other acts were actually pretty decent too: Colbie Caillat, Taio Cruz, Matt Nathanson and Jason Derulo. A good night overall, but man I felt it the next day at work! 

Anyway, this is my favorite Foster the People song from their album Torches.

Weekend Project!

We were busy this past weekend!

Jeff and I were talking the other day and he thought that for my parents’ Christmas present, he would tile their kitchen backsplash. (If I haven’t mentioned it, that’s what he does for a living!) I thought that it sounded like a great idea, especially since my mom and I picked out the tile she liked probably 2 years ago and the project has just kept getting put off.

So, my parents were headed down to their lake house at Lake Cumberland for the weekend, and we headed out to the house and got to work to surprise them! (Sorry in advance for the really bad cell phone pics, I forgot to bring out the good camera.)

tile7 Weekend Project!

tile8 Weekend Project!

It wasn’t too hard, 6 hours on Saturday and 2 hours on Sunday, and my mom and dad have a beautiful new travertine backspash with copper inlays!

tile6 Weekend Project!

Doesn’t he do great work? And I helped!

tile1 700x525 Weekend Project!

tile2 700x525 Weekend Project!

After we got done in the morning, it was killing me to wait, because Mom and Dad didn’t get back until late Sunday night!

I got a call about 9:00 pm from my mom asking if the tile fairies visited their house! She said it took her a second to figure out what was different, and then she thought that it was just wallpaper to give her an idea of what the backsplash would look like. Finally, she went up and realized that it was real tile! 

She is really happy with it, and I’m thrilled that we knocked a project off of their to-do list!

Music Monday – The Black Keys

LOVE The Black Keys! Their new CD El Camino comes out tomorrow, the first single “Lonely Boy” is such a fun, danc-ey song!

Oh! Our local radio station just announced on Friday that they are coming to Columbus in March, tickets go on sale this Friday and I can’t wait! They’re definitely one of my favorite bands!

Happy Monday!

Friday Finds – 12/2/11

Yay for Friday! I’m totally ready for the weekend! I’m going to spend some time with my nieces painting pottery and baking cookies, and finish getting Christmas decorations up.

Oh and sleeping in, till like, 8, hopefully.

On to the finds of the week!

Super cool time lapse movie driving across the U.S.:


This is a great video by Marie Forleo on getting over the fear of being judged by others. I know I definitely have issues with this from time to time.

So many of these cookie recipes at How Sweet It Is sound awesome!

Katrina at Pugly Pixel has the best Photoshop tutorials!

82190761919158616 XEY3TcNa c Friday Finds   12/2/11

Source: via Heather on Pinterest


This made me cry, go read the story, it is so beautiful:

163185186467541774 YeKF0lNx c Friday Finds   12/2/11

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This is totally me:

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