Friday Finds – 12/2/11

Yay for Friday! I’m totally ready for the weekend! I’m going to spend some time with my nieces painting pottery and baking cookies, and finish getting Christmas decorations up.

Oh and sleeping in, till like, 8, hopefully.

On to the finds of the week!

Super cool time lapse movie driving across the U.S.:


This is a great video by Marie Forleo on getting over the fear of being judged by others. I know I definitely have issues with this from time to time.

So many of these cookie recipes at How Sweet It Is sound awesome!

Katrina at Pugly Pixel has the best Photoshop tutorials!

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Source: via Heather on Pinterest


This made me cry, go read the story, it is so beautiful:

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Source: Uploaded by user via robyn on Pinterest


This is totally me:

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