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Tuesday Tidbits 1/28/14

photo 2 700x700 Tuesday Tidbits 1/28/14

  • I feel like all I do is complain about the weather, but, come on! This was the temperature at noon today. It was -15 at 7am. It’s supposed to “warm up” to close to 30 degrees on Thursday, but then it’s supposed to snow on Friday. If it’s not stupid cold, then it’s snowing, we can’t get a break!
  • On the positive side, I’m heading to Vegas for a work conference on Monday! Ready for some sunshine and above zero temps! It’s going to be a couple of exhausting days, but sunshine!
  • We made an awesome pizza this weekend. Nothing fancy, just traditional pepperoni, mozzarella and sweet peppers, but man was it good! It was my first success with getting a crust to rise. For some reason, I just don’t have much luck with any yeasted doughs, but it worked this time!
  • And some cuteness: We dog-sat Jeff’s mom’s dog this weekend, she’s kind of a weirdo, but kinda cute. But I think she’s got a little snow on her face:

photo 3 Tuesday Tidbits 1/28/14

Friday Finds 1/24/14

Happy Weekend!

Test your vocabulary! I got 26,800, right smack in the middle range for my age, I’ll take that!

Michael Pollan article about germs and our guts. Take your probiotics, kids…

This made me laugh way too hard!

I can totally understand how this could happen.

One of my favorite bands has a new single out and a new album coming (finally!) on March 18!

Watch this and try not to smile!

Space Oddity… In Space


is awesome.
That’s all. icon smile Space Oddity... In Space

My Morning So Far in Hipstamatic

So, my wonderful husband bought me an ipod touch for Christmas, and I am officially hooked. We’ve resisted the iphone becuase of the monthly fees, and this does pretty much everything an iphone does, without the phone or 3G capabilities. Works for me! Anyway, I love, love instagram and the hipstamatic app. I should be cleaning, but this is what I’ve been doing instead:

Drinking coffee with vanilla sugar and peppermint mocha creamer out of my new favorite mug.

6620210879 d8a676ff23 My Morning So Far in Hipstamatic

Enjoying the fact that it’s actually snowing for the first time this year!

6620206653 283bdbc1ae My Morning So Far in Hipstamatic

Browsing through my new cookbooks:

6620190527 fab2e6c94d My Morning So Far in Hipstamatic

Needy dog #1

6620192397 0506e5d9cb My Morning So Far in Hipstamatic

and Needy Dog #2

6620199559 1d5cdd58bb My Morning So Far in Hipstamatic

K, now I should really get to work… boo.


Friday Finds – 12/2/11

Yay for Friday! I’m totally ready for the weekend! I’m going to spend some time with my nieces painting pottery and baking cookies, and finish getting Christmas decorations up.

Oh and sleeping in, till like, 8, hopefully.

On to the finds of the week!

Super cool time lapse movie driving across the U.S.:


This is a great video by Marie Forleo on getting over the fear of being judged by others. I know I definitely have issues with this from time to time.

So many of these cookie recipes at How Sweet It Is sound awesome!

Katrina at Pugly Pixel has the best Photoshop tutorials!

82190761919158616 XEY3TcNa c Friday Finds   12/2/11

Source: via Heather on Pinterest


This made me cry, go read the story, it is so beautiful:

163185186467541774 YeKF0lNx c Friday Finds   12/2/11

Source: Uploaded by user via robyn on Pinterest


This is totally me:

7318418114107825 zrpktr1Y c Friday Finds   12/2/11